TPR Featured Band: The Spiral Electric

Written By: Andrew James

There are some bands that really appreciate the art of gently teasing out a melody over several measures. Some bands appreciate the effect of incorporating quiet moments in their music and creating beautifully cinematic phrases that build and build, gently at first, spiraling and evolving until they smash into their climax. Some bands treat music as an experience to be savored; as a journey in and of itself. San Francisco’s The Spiral Electric is one such band.

A visit to their Reverbnation page will reward you with a small handful of their most polished tracks, exhibiting such emotive and slow-to evolve jams that tickle our psyche, such as the instrumental “Slow Burn,” which is a good summary of their approach, clocking in at 7:14. Whereas, a trip to their Soundcloud brings light to some earlier demos and rehearsal recordings that The Spiral Electric have published as a way for curious fans to track their collective’s growth in crafting their sound. The band is currently in the process of finishing their forthcoming debut album, which has been noted as a self-produced work-in-progress, not only exhibiting brilliant musicianship, but also talents in recording, mixing, and the like– essentially displaying qualities of a D.I.Y. aesthetic.

The Spiral Electric‘s sound can be captivatingly dramatic; each piece is colorful in a black-light acid-trip sort of way, and reveals new and interesting moments with each and every listen. Their songs creep in and out of the faintest trickles of sound, leading your mind into a sort of kaleidoscopic rabbit hole. One feels the climax(es) approach from several measures down the road over large instrumental sections; inevitable, yet lurking, each hurdle more hypnotic than the last, as spacey synth sounds, electric guitars, and hauntingly distant vocals lure the listener into new, far-out worlds.

There is a retro jam-band, Verve-era indie flavor to The Spiral Electric. Their songs sound best live, like mini-acid trips at an incredible outdoor concert in the heat of summer, each track a complete introspective experience in their own right. And with so much momentum in each song, one can clearly hear how this band would deliver in a live and intimate setting. Now that we’re adequately acquainted, we may wait, or stalk, The Spiral Electric in anticipation of their official, forthcoming debut and hopeful tour to follow, so that everyone can realize the live experience.

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